Anno 2017/2018

Silli Peedosk

Estonian National Museum

In 2015, conservation students of Tartu Art College conserved a travelchest which belongs to Estonian Road Museum. The travelchest was in a very bad condition. Leather was dirty and brittle, with tears, cracks and losses. Textile lining was dirty, with spots and holes. Metal details and nails were rusted. Wood constructions were partially deformed. The travelchest was cleaned at first with the dry method and after that, partially, in wet method. Textile was removed, washed and repaired. After that the textile was glued back to its place. Metal was cleaned and treated against the rust. Broken nails were replaced with new nails. Leather was repaired using leather and coloured japanese paper. Tears were confirmed and the surface of the leather was treated with KlucelG solution. After the conservation works the travelchest is exhibited again.

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